Your benefits
Offering you important health, dental and life insurance benefits

Extended Health Benefits

Your plan covers a broad range of extended healthcare services, including:

  • prescription drugs
  • private duty nursing at home
  • audio/hearing aids
  • medical items and services
  • travel insurance
  • ambulance
  • hospital
Dental Benefits
Your dental benefits help you pay for the cost of eligible dental services and supplies. This includes routine treatment – as well as major restorative dental care, dentures and related services.
Vision Care Benefits

Your plan reimburses some or all of the cost of a vision exam. It also contributes to the cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery.

For full details of your healthcare coverage, see “Access your Healthcare Plan details” on the right sidebar.

Life insurance

Life insurance is offered through Desjardins. For more details on your life insurance, please contact our administrator at or 519-587-2000 x225.