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Established exclusively for USW Local 8782 Lake Erie Works retirees and their eligible dependants, the Trust is designed to protect access to medical, dental and life insurance coverage.

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Keeping you informed
You’re getting a new benefits card! Watch your mailbox this week.
If you’re travelling this summer, remember to take the new card with you. Your travel medical emergency contact information is on the back of your card — and your coverage is now extended from 60 days to 90 days per trip. See coverage details > [June 4/18]
Watch your mail this week… if you have NOT yet submitted a beneficiary form for the Trust
We really need you to name a beneficiary(ies). Please complete the form we’ve sent in the mail, and return it as soon as possible in the envelope provided. Thank you! [May 1/18]
Meet your Trustees!
Welcome to our two newest Trustees, Rob Newstead and Rick Beale. We now have all four Trustees in place. [Apr 24/18] Read Trustee Bios >
Your Benefits booklet is now available on greenshield.ca!
Get benefits plan details, and access other key information. [Mar 27/18] Learn more >
Did you send in your Beneficiary designation or change form?
We really need you to fill in a new beneficiary form for the Trust – even if your beneficiary is the same as before the Trust began. If needed, you can get a new form here. Thanks! [Dec 4/17]
Next steps for you
Put your benefits ID card and Travel Assistance card in your wallet and return the Beneficiary form as soon as possible. [Sept 28/17]
Learn more about the new Trust
Get answers to questions you may have. [Sept 28/17] Read more >